Scottish Voice Over Artist



Angela Darcy is an established Scottish voice over artist, singer and actor based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

With over 18 years experience, Angela’s portfolio includes Idents, corporates, talking books, narration, animations, IVR, ADR, film dubbing, E-learning and explainer videos.

She has recorded adverts and commercial voice overs for some of the biggest UK businesses including Sky, Nestle, Highland Spring, Clydesdale Bank, Penicuik and British Telecom to name just a few.

Angela excels on educational voice-overs; working with the BBC on multiple projects like the school’s podcast Sonic Snackbox and performing on various radio plays for BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 4.

Although Angela is often cast as a family friendly Scottish voice due to the natural trustworthy quality of her voice, she also has a huge range of accents available to her. These include; English (general and regional), RP (Received Pronunciation), Irish, North American and General American.

Most recently, as game studios look for authentic voice-over actors with a diverse playing range and accent flexibility, Angela has worked on a number of video games and animations. Having graduated from the RSAMD (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, RCS) and with a theatre background, video game voice over work comes naturally to her.

An added bonus is that Angela is able to perform child / kid voices and has played both young male and female characters on some modern American video games.

Music & Theatre

As well as being a talented voice over artist, Angela Darcy is also an award winning singer and actor. Most notably, Angela performs as the late rock and blues singer Janis Joplin in the powerful biographical musical Janis Joplin: Full Tilt.

Her performance in this concert / play has won her an “Outstanding Performance in a Musical” Award at the Mercury Musical Theatre Network Awards in 2014 and a Herald Angel in 2015.

Janis Joplin: Full Tilt is often showing during the Edinburgh Festival and has toured at various theatres across the UK and in Europe.

Angela’s other recent theatre credits include:

Session Singer & Covers Singer

Angela has performed backing vocals with some of Scotland’s top bands and also performs as a covers singer / session singer on projects that need a strong and soulful female lead. This is a collection of cover songs which showcase Angela’s talents.

The Glass Roots

Comprised of some of the members the Janis Joplin: Full Tilt band, The Glass Roots is an originals three-piece band with Angela Darcy, Harry Ward and Dave Roger. Although disbanded in 2015, The Glass Roots recorded some great original songs and gigged across Scotland.